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Interested in owning your own Greenbelly?

We have listed a few frequently asked questions below.  Read through the questions and fill out the contact form, if you are interested in owning your own Greenbelly franchise.

How much liquid cash does it require to open a Greenbelly?


Total Initial Investment?

$229,000- $900,000

(initial cost varies on the size of the space, 2500 sq ft - 5000 sq ft, or if it is an express unit)

Franchise Fee - $50,000

Royalty Fee - 8% Gross Sales

Marketing Fee - 0%

How much does it cost to open?

$229,000 - $900,000 based on the city & size of the site.  Leasing a space that is a prior food establishment, will reduce your upfront costs.

How much is the franchise fee?

$50,000 per store

How much is the royalty fee?

8% gross sales


How much is the marketing fee?

We do not charge a marketing fee.  We let our franchisees invest their marketing money at their discretion locally.

Will someone help me find a site and design it?

We will use our nationwide commercial realtors to help you find the best site, in the city of your choice.  Greenbelly also provides our in-house architect.

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